Unisex Cuddly Snuggly Cat Kangaroo Pouch Hoodie For Cat Cuddlers With Cat Ears and Paw Detail





The Unisex Cuddly Cat kangaroo pouch hoodie is the perfect way to keep you kitty warm during those cold months. They will want to snuggle down inside that large pocket and enjoy the warmth of the hoodie and your body heat. The soft hoodie is perfect for lounging around with the cat. You don’t even have to make him.her get up when you need to walk around. They can stay snuggled for as long as you want them. 

Of course you’ll look cute and adorable in this hoodie as it has cat ears on the hood and paws on the sleeves. The sleeves have a thumb hole so you can keep your hands inside the sleeves, keeping your hands warm.

The Cuddly Kitty hoodie has a zipper pocket and removable inner pocket for easy cleaning when it gets dirty.  The inside pocket is a cotton blend. Suitable for small animals like you know… dogs (eeew)  that love to snuggle up in a nice warm place.  You can easily fit an iPad or note books in that pocket too.  Just so ya know.  😉

These fit snug. For a loose fit, order the next size up that you would normally wear.

The size may have 2-3cm differs due to manual measurement. Please note when you measure.

SM –          Bust – 38.58″ –  40.15″ in    Shoulder – 18.11″ in .    Sleeve – 23.6″ in     Length – 26.77″ in
MED –       Bust – 40.15″ –  41.73″ in     Shoulder – 18.50″ in    Sleeve – 24.0″ in     Length – 27.16″ in
LGE –        Bust – 41.73″ –  43.30″ in    Shoulder – 18.89″ in     Sleeve – 24.4″ in     Length – 27.55″ in
XLGE –     Bust – 43.30″ – 44.88″ in    Shoulder – 19.29″ in     Sleeve – 25.2″ in     Length – 27.95″ in
XXLGE –   Bust – 44.88″ – 46.45″ in    Shoulder – 19.68″ in    Sleeve – 25.6″ in     Length – 28.34″ in
3-XL –       Bust – 46.45″ – 48.81″ in     Shoulder – 20.07″ in   Sleeve – 25.9″ in     Length – 28.74″ in
4-XL –       Bust – 48.81″ – 51.18″ in      Shoulder – 20.47″ in    Sleeve – 26.4″ in     Length – 29.13″ in

Material: Cotton, Polyester, Fleece
Type: Pullover Hoodie
Color: Pink, Purple, Black, Grey
Size: S , M , L , XL , 2XL , 3XL , 4XL



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