Unique Cats Collapsible Food Scoop and Bag Sealing Clip




All-In-One food scoop, collapsible measuring cup and bag clip to keep food fresh and sealed.  Do you have multiple cats that need different amounts of food?  Do you have food losing it’s freshness because it doesn’t seal back up properly? Well then, we have the perfect Two in one scooper clip.  Maybe one cat needs a quarter cup of food and the other a full cup. Well you can now only have the one cup instead of two and it will be clipped on to the bag for easy feedings.  We think you’ll love this food scooper and clip.  Do you have a new kitten.  The scooper can last their lifetime since it adjusts to the size of the food amount.  You’ll never go back to regular scoops again.

Volume: 237ml – 250ml
Material: Plastic