The Wave Runner Cat Cave Hide and Seek Play Mat


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Does your cat scale your curtains or use your couch for manicures? Do they leave hair all over your favorite chair? Do they launch themselves off your your furniture? Does this sound like your home? If it does, then you need the wave runner cat cave play mat!  The wave Runner helps your fur babies instinctive behaviour like hide, catch, kill, nap.It’s a grate place to pounce, play, hide, scratch, groom and sleep. Interaction and playtime with your fur baby has never been so much fun!

It’s easy to make new shapes with the button attachments. It folds away for easy storage when you have friends or relatives over.  This is a fun product for you and your cat!

The Wave Runner Cat Cave play mat has 8 holes that our fur baby can run around and through.

Shipping is approximately 20 days For the US and up to 20 – 40 days for the UK.

Material : Flame retardant polyester + alloy – NOT carpet.
Feature 01: Mat house bed for pet, Bite and scratch resistant
Feature 02: It’s convenient, foldable and machine washable
Feature 03: There are a total of 8 holes in the mat including, 4 squares holes (size: 15*15 cm/5.91*5.91”), 4 heart-shaped holes (size: 2 PCS: 15 cm/5.91”; 2 PCS: 20 cm/7.87”)
Size : 100 * 100 cm (39.37″ x 39.37″ In) Give or take for hand measurements.