Tea Catty Cat Shaped Large Silicone Tea Leaf Infuser


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There is no reason that steeping tea leaves should be any more difficult than using a teabag. This is where the Bathing Kitty tea infuser comes in. A loose tea infuser is a perforated device that holds tea leaves in your cup until you get that purrfect flavor released. It’s placed in your cup of hot water, and steeps until you decide it’s ready to drink just without a bag with a string. You can try hundreds of variations of teas with this, not just plain old grocery store tea. This fun cat shaped infuser makes it easy to measure out the right amount of tea you want to brew. It also makes it more fun to brew because…. well… cat!

This tea infuser is made with food-grade, non-toxic plastic material, which is BPA-free. It won’t affect the taste of your favorite loose tea or leave an unpleasant odor. Moreover, the tea infuser will bring the best flavor and experience out of loose tea leaves you brewed with care. You can feel healthy and confident while using our kitty infuser.  This amazing tea infuser serves various types of drinking vessels, such as small teapots, teacups, etc. With this cat infuser you’ll have a fun way to enjoy your morning tea.



Wash it with water before use, then place it in hot water for disinfection.
Add some pure water in the ice mold, then put the mold into the refrigerator.
You only need to remove the ice into the drinks if you want.



You should clean it after use. And place it in a clean and dry place which is away from direct sunlight for storage.


Packing List:

1 x Cat tea infuser


Material: Silicone
Color: Red,Green,Hot Pink,Orange
Feature 1: Tea Infuser
Feature 2: Silicone Tea Strainer