Stainless Steel Essential Oils or Perfume Aromatherapy Car Vent Air Freshener




These are a great way to make your call small the way you want them to and they look a lot more stylish than a cardboard pine tree hanging from your rear view mirror. The aromatherapy car scent clip on comes with 10 FREE pads. Most other products only come with 1.  The pads are reusable, but we suggest keeping each one the same scent. Use perfume or essential oils to make your call smell great. Pick the right essential oil scent to keep you calm during rush hour traffic. Inner peace through cat images and relaxing scents.

Metals Type: Stainless Steel
Material: Metal
Function: Car Diffusers
Item: Essential Oil Car Diffuser
Fit for: Vent Freshener
Size:  30mm (1″ in) Diameter