Kitty Tail Silicone Cat Tail Hook and Fridge Magnet




These meow-volous little magnets are so versatile and cute.  Always loosing your keys? Need to find your keys quickly? Just bend up the tail on the magnet and keep your keys in site on the fridge. They also hold up all kinds of notes or photos you want to display.  You can use them anywhere you can stick a magnet.  These are perfect for all cat lovers. Get more then one and put them all over the house or office.

Age:  4 years and older
Material:  Flexible silicone + metal + magnet
Size:  14.5 * 5cm (5.7″ x  1.9″ in)
Feature:  Free to bend, easy to use/easy to remove
Color:   Multi-colors
Max Weight Capacity for tail:  0.25kg  (8.5oz)
Package List:  1 Cat Magnet