Jester’s Hand Wangly Dangling Balls Cat Toy


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Love playing with your cat with your hand only to get clawed and start bleeding? You did ask for it you know. Now let the pain be gone! These fun gloves allow you to play with your cat my waving your finger without the pain. Jester Balls cat gloves are a fun way to play with your cat without getting scratched up.  Waggle these balls around and watch your cat go nuts.  Fun for both you and fluffy.  Comes in 3 colors. Makes a great gift for new kitten owners or people who love to play with their cat.  Get your cat a holiday gift and give them the joy of chase and catch with this wonderful play glove. 

PLEASE BE AWARE:  May not fit all hands perfectly. Only comes in one size.  You can still be scratched through the glove. The material helps protect your hand as best as it can.  It’s better than no protection at all.  

Size Length: 32 cm / 12.6 inch
Color: Blue, Red, Green
Package Included:  1 Glove


  1. Small bells inside the balls for making a sound.
  2. Comfortable canvas glove protects your hands
  3. Elastic bands let cats scratch and pull
  4. It’s a good hand glove toy for protecting your hand during interactive games