Interactive Fur-Ball Yo-Yo Cat Teaser Electronic Motion Cat Toy


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A totally fun way to keep your cat amused while you’re busy working, cooking or washing dishes. This amazing electronic motion activated yo-yo  ball will play with your cat.  It’s great exercise for your cat to play and chase the rabbit fur ball. You’ll have fun watching your cat try and get the fur ball, and your cat will have a great time trying to catch it!


1.  The cat can play by itself without affecting your work. (this product needs two AAA  batteries, which are NOT included )

2.  Clip its onto various places around your home. As long it is no thicker than 3.5cm (1.35″ in). 

3.  When the toy is triggered by your cat, it will turn off automatically after about 5 minutes of non-play. There is also a button so you can turn it off.

4.The hair ball can be replaced with other toys, your cat will fall in love with it. 



Material: ABS + rabbit hair
Feature: automatic
Load-bearing: String Load 10kg (22 lbs)
Size: ball diameter 7cm (2.76in) and the clamp attachment is suitable for 1 cm – 3.5 cm (0.39″ in – 1.38″ in) thick desktop.