Cute Kitten Multi-Purpose Clips – 4 piece set


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Both you and your cat love fresh treats. These adorable cat clips can help keep both of your treats fresher. These clips seal bags super quick to keep freshness in if you can’t finish off that bag of potato chips or Cheetos.  Just clip the bag shut fur another day.  You cat will love its treats fresh too.  Use these clips anywhere! The laundry, the kitchen, office, classroom, dorm,  where-ever you need to hang something up or clip something closed. They are purrectly safe to use out on your cloths-lines in the garden.  Everyone will think they’re so cute too!  Makes a great gift too!

Type: Food Bag Clips, Bread bag clip, chip clips, clothes pins, etc..
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Material: Plastic
Plastic Type: ABS
Color: White/black/pink/Khaki
Size: 7*3.5CM
Packing: 4Pcs/Sets