Cute Cat Cotton Hanging Pocket Sacks Storage Bags


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These cute cat linen bags are a great way to store toys or crafts in a Childs room or your craft room.  Store pens, markers or anything else in these cat face holders.  Say goodbye to those stressful hours and minutes of putting your kids toys and crafts items back in their designated boxes or cases. With these cute cat hangers you now have a way to quickly organise your stuff.  Just toss the toys or pens into the hanging cat bags.  You can now keep the kids room or your craft room amazingly organized quickly.  Maybe you have dozes of remote for the TV, DVD player, Cable or Satellite box, lights, VCR.. The list goes on.  Keep them all in one of these cotton organizer bags and never lose your remote again.

Material: 100% Cotton Linen
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Shape: Square
Specification: 14 x 15.5 x 7.5cm (5.5″ x  6″ x  2.9″ in)
Capacity: 1.5L