Chase The Mouse Tail Mechanical Undercover Moving Kitty Teaser Toy


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The character of the cat is naturally active and curious about everything. This toy really gets them going with the random speed and movement. Your cat is going to want to catch it! This This Interactive Cat Toy is Adjustable to 4 different speeds: Slow, medium, fast and random and is great for cats of all ages. The moving wand changes directions and speeds randomly to keep your cat’s attention and keep them on their toes.

This toy will help them stay fit and lose weight by exercising every day.  It’s suitable for exercising cats of all ages. It also stimulates your cat’s curiosity.  The mouse tail moves in unpredictable directions as it randomly changes speeds and directions while spinning under the cover to keep your kitty entertained. You too will be entertained! Get your cat a present that is good for its mind and body.  Your cat is going to love this toy!  Kittens will go NUTS chasing it around!  Hours of fun for you and your cat.  Just turn it on and watch them play!  

Does NOT come with batteries.