Meow-dern Art Kitty Style Long & Short Kitchen Floor Mat Set




A set of two matching mats. One long mat (15″ x 23″)  and one shorter mat (15″ x 47″).  These sets are great for an art lover who also is totally into cats. They can be used in the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom.  Colorful and unique designs will make them an interesting part of your decor.  They are water absorbent and help ease the feet while standing in one place for a while, as in washing the dishes or cooking a large meal.  Makes a great house warming gift.

Feature: Corrosion-Resistant, Anti-Bacterial, Wrinkle-Resistant, Adhesive-Protective, Anti-Slip
Sizes: 40 x 60cm AND  40 x 120cm  (15.7″ x 23.6″ in  AND 15.7″ x 47.24″ in)