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Unique Cat Gifts
                 My Fur Baby Mizzou

Cats are a wonderful part of your life and everyone has their favourite breed. Founded in England at the start of 2019 as a cats gift online outlet dedicated to unique and quirky Cat inspired products for humans and their fur babies, Unique Cat Gifts has become a fast growing customer-focused online store dedicated to sourcing the highest quality products so you enjoy them with your cat. Don’t worry: Just because we’re based in England, it doesn’t mean you can’t order from us as we ship worldwide for FREE (with an order of $50) for all of the products we sell. It is our mission to remove the boundaries and open up the world to the best cat accessories & toys, for both humans and cats, and cat design clothing (not for cats) so everyone who loves cats will the able to show off their love of cats by wearing and using cat items and clothing.  So show your cat some paw-some love by getting them, and you, some toys and gifts.